Wednesday, June 10, 2009


I finally feel as if I’m back among the living this week! My pool team and I made our final trip out of town on Saturday to finish up at regionals. We played our first match, lost and got to make it back home by 2 in the afternoon. In all aspects if we would have had a full 5 people with us we probably could have beat the team we played and moved on, but luck and mediocre skill can only get you so far. So I was pleased we got to make it home early on Saturday. I got to play with the kids and finally rest up.

The only downturn to the weekend was it was my Hubby was on call for his job and wound up falling and hurting his shoulder and left side on Sunday. But he went to the doctor’s office on Monday and they think he just pulled a lot of muscles and just did soft tissue damage to the areas. So he will be sore and on light duty for a while but should be fine in the long run.

Currently we are cleaning in preparation of my Grandmother coming to town tomorrow and my Mom will be here on Sunday. They are helping me get the rest of our other house cleaned and ready for them to stay in when they start visiting more. It will be used as a guest house of sorts for a while. While I enjoy seeing my family I always hate the cleaning in preparation of them coming. While our house is not a pig sty or anything of that nature it does have normal clutter and things that could probably be done.

On a completely different note…what cartoons were your favorites as kids? I was reading Avitables post and he mentioned Thundarr and that lead to me thinking of all those cartoons I loved so much as a kid. I think my favorites would have to be Heman, Shera, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and my all time favorite Thundercats. I had a lot of the figurines and I even had the Thunder Tank, I had a chance to get the Cats Lair too but my mom wouldn’t buy it for me….I wonder if I could find one on eBay? Hmmm….well with cartoons running amuck in your heads now I leave you to shop.

Thundercats HO!!!


At 10:27 PM , Anonymous Coyotemike said...

Hey, I did what I could on Saturday :P


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