Thursday, June 18, 2009

Reality Check

Hello kidlets!! It’s another hot and muggy day here in the land of Nebraska and I am ready for a vacation…from reality!!

I have decided that somewhere along this road of life I allowed myself to become seen as a level headed responsible person. Not sure when or how I allowed myself to be set in this status but it has happened and I want a break from it!! But I doubt I will ever let that happen as I am set in my ways and I’m a worrier.

Last week I took a couple of days off since my Grandma Nut and my Mom were headed our way for a visit. Now it wasn’t to be just a regular visit it was a visit with a purpose. We still own our home in the little town just a few miles south of the town we live in now and since we moved last fall we haven’t had much opportunity to get down there and fix it up the way we have wanted to. So my Grandma Nut and my Mother came up with the idea that they would come to get it set up and fixed up and use it as a guest house for themselves until the market picks up and we can sell it.

Well the first to arrive last Thursday was my 78 year old Grandma Nut. I love this woman dearly and have no idea how I will cope with the day when she is no longer around. But Grandma does not travel well. She likes being at home and she pretty much just stays there and everyone else visits her. She’s a very independent lady to begin with and after my Grandpa died 17 years ago she became even more independent. But the cruel being of time and age has started to catch up to her and she can’t do a lot of things she used to. This fact makes her even crankier when she realizes it.

Her goal was to get the main cleaning in the house done before Mom was to arrive on Sunday. “No problem” was my response to this idea. Little did I know that I would not be cleaning with my wonderful, fun, charming Grandma Nut. Instead I was cleaning with a cranky, judgmental, mean little Gnome. It looked like my Grandma, but it was not her!! For the first time since I was 15 my Grandma and I argued and didn’t get along so well. I did my best to bite my tongue and remember that she was just out of her element, but there were a few times I had to speak up. Thankfully those times I did speak up actually helped jerk her back into reality a bit and she behaved better. Through our annoyances of one another and bickering and swearing under our breath we got the cleaning done by Sunday afternoon.

Mom was on her way from New Mexico with her small U-haul truck that contained the bedroom set they were going to put down at the house. Since she wouldn’t be getting in until late at night she decided to get her and Grandma a hotel room for Sunday. I was so relieved and so was my Grandmother. She had been staying at our house with us since Thursday and I think all parties involved were ready for her to stay somewhere else. And we were running out of room. My oldest step son TJ had come on Saturday to spend a couple of weeks with us.

So after cleaning I dropped Grandma off at the hotel and headed off for pool league. The new session started on Sunday and I was ready to be out and having fun. Needless to say a friend drove me home that night. I fell in love with Long Island Iced Teas all over again that night and enjoyed a few shots. I don’t remember a lot about actually playing that night as I was a social butterfly talking with everyone and just being a very happy drunk.

Monday morning brought on a nasty headache which was to be expected. I got the kids around and out to daycare then went back home and went back to bed. I napped for about two hours before I heard from Mom and Grandma. That was just enough time to feel more rested and get rid of my headache. We agreed we would all meet down at the other house so we could unload the U-haul and get some other stuff done. Once TJ got up I took him hostage, fed him breakfast and then put him to work at the other house. It was a bit humorous when he went outside and ran into some of the snakes that have taken up residency in the back yard. We got everything loaded and unloaded and were beat by the end of the day.

Since then the rest of the week has been fairly normal. Mom is still here until this coming Monday and Grandma went home yesterday. She is taking a well deserved rest. As soon as she got home she regained control of her mind and became the loving awesome Grandma Nut we all know.

I am still looking forward to having a normal old boring weekend soon. But until then I will keep on keeping on. :P


At 3:46 AM , Blogger Olga said...

Yeah, those things tend to happen with grandmas ;) Probably because we usually know them on the positive side of being their guest and being a favourite grandchild, treated to candy, etc etc And then real life is different! Love the ice teas myself ;) It is not so good being too responsible, is it - some times one needs a break to do something crazy!

At 5:29 AM , Blogger Helen said...

I'm sorry ti wasn't as much fun as you'd hoped, but at least you got to spend some extra time with your family!

I hope everything calms down nicely for you soon!

P.S. it's good to see you blogging again!

At 12:35 AM , Blogger I LOVE YOU said...



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