Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hello blogging world! I didn't realize it'd been so long since I posted until the other day. April was a busy month. Had the Hubby's birthday on th 18th and Little Guy's on the 24th. Both went great. I got the Hubby a new laptop on which I am typing now. I really like it and so does he, I think it was a reall ygood buy. And we bough Little Guy a trampoline. He was really suprised we had gotten him one.

We also got the lovely stress of hearing from his grandparent's/mother's lawyer. His grandparents went crying to the lawyer that we hadn't let them see him in a year, boo hoo. And no we hadnt let him see them since East 2007. Last time he spent any time with them he came home very weird and unhappy and had been subjected to spending time with the Egg Donor (aka his mother). So we thought it best to not subject him to the crap we found out he was around then. And also they only contacted us 3 times in the last 12 months. 2 of those were cards and one was a voice mail. So we got a hold of our lawyer and she's in the process of getting everything corrected blah blah blah. Stupid stressful shit. I hate it. I dont understand why people think it's acceptable to completely mess up a childs life. And it's far too common.

Also things at my job have been stressful and hectic. Tuesday is a big meeting and we'll find out more on what will happen with my boss and our office etc. It's too big of a mess to post on here and not really something I feel should be posted on the internet at this moment in time.

But now we are finally in May. At the end of this month is our 3 year anniversary of our wedding day. We are headed out of town to an awesome bed and breakfast for the night we're just tying up some lose ends on where and who the kids will stay with while we're gone. I will attempt to post more regular this month. But baby is calling. Have a great night!!!!


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