Thursday, March 06, 2008

Jeff Healey died March 2, 2008 of cancer; he was 41. Bad luck comes in three’s; this is my third so good luck can start at any time. For those of you who don’t know Jeff Healey was an awesome musician. He came down with retinal cancer in his eyes when he was 1 and taught himself how to play guitar when he was a kid. He was famous for his style of playing it lying across his lap. He had an amazing bluesy, jazzy, rock sound. One of his most common hits was “Angel Eyes”. His music was awesome and something I grew up on. He played with greats of the business, Stevie Ray Vaughn, BB King and many others. He even did some work with Stevie Wonder. One of my favorite songs he ever did was a remake of Jimi Hendrix’s song “Angel”. He made it sound amazing. He also made the movie “Road House” with Patrick Swayze (who also has cancer) worth while to watch. His last album is due to come out April 26th.

I hate cancer. It seems to be everywhere lately. My step brother’s girlfriends 3 year old little boy just passed away from Leukemia over the weekend. He technically wasn’t 3 until this week. He didn’t even make it to his birthday. I never met him physically but my step mom and my dad had kept me up to date on him. I didn’t feel like I could handle meeting him in the condition he was in. He had a very rare form of Leukemia that only affects adults. He was one of three children in the whole world who had it. In December things looked great for him as they had tried a new treatment and he went into remission. But then it came back with a vengeance a short time later. He loved spider man. My step sister got him one of those spider man web shooter toys that shot water out for Christmas. When he was in the hospital he would push the nurse call button and hide behind the bed and shoot them when they would come in. It always amazed me how well and strong those little ones are. For him he didn’t know life could be any other way. He came down with his cancer when he was about 1. He definitely was a fighter. This month is the St. Jude’s month for our local radio station and the St. Jude’s hospital. Randy Owen the lead singer of the country group Alabama is a huge advocate for St. Jude’s. At the end of this month there are numerous fundraisers here in town and you can call in and become a partner in hope and donate. They always play clips of stories from families who have lost a child to cancer on the radio to help raise money. I cannot wear any make up during those two days because I wind up spending a lot of time crying. I think it will be harder for me this year since I’m now a mommy. I can’t imagine losing my child especially watching her go through something like that.

On another note, drinking is evil. Sunday night was pool league. Normally I have maybe a beer or two while I’m waiting to play, then after I play I go home. This was my intention on Sunday. But unfortunately I got to talking and socializing and ultimately wound up having way too much alcohol on an empty stomach. I won’t go into many details, but I wound up staying at a friends house on Sunday, can’t remember much about the night and am not willing to do that ever again. I have resolved to go back to being the responsible one who is the designated driver that sips on iced tea and watches everyone else make slobbering fools out of themselves. Sunday was just scary for me. I’m not a huge drinker so when I got as drunk as I did it really has bothered me since then. I’ve always looked at myself as a responsible person, and everything about Sunday was the complete opposite. This will not repeat itself. Ever.

To top off the feeling of being irresponsible, baby decided to take a dive off of the bed last night. This would be the 2nd time she has ever done this. First time she and the hubby were still cuddling in the bed when I got up one morning and she decided she would do this froggy jump from one side of the bed to the other and basically did a little flip off of the side of the bed and landed on her butt. I was in the bathroom showering etc. The Hubby was sitting there next to her and couldn’t grab her quick enough. And last night I had made a small fortress around her with pillows, blankets etc. so she couldn’t repeat this again and had stepped into the dining room to shut the computer off and within me stepping from bedroom to kitchen she did it again. Although our cat Rascal decided to help break her fall. He’s her kitty since she’s been born and just as big as she is. I think him hitting the floor made a bigger sound than she did. But just the same scared the hell out of me. Babies are dangerous when they are becoming mobile. I had promised myself when she was born I would never allow this to happen. My doctor told me it happens at least once to every parent and that I would have it happen too. Unfortunately he was right. Both times she has been completely fine and unharmed, but it still makes you feel like a horrible parent.

So I am ready for some good stuff to start happening, I will welcome some good Karma at any time now. We are supposed to go see the Lipizanner Stallions perform tonight so hopefully that will help and be a good night. We shall see….


At 9:46 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Damn. You shoulda called, we could have hidden from life for awhile. Reality isn't allowed in my apt, and we coulda played checkers.

I did that dive-bombing thing all the time when I was a kid. That's why I had a huge teddy bear along the side of my bed until I was like 3 or so. Made for a soft landing.

At 9:03 AM , Blogger SuvvyGirl said...

At least Rascal acted as a teddy bear this last time. He's definately her cat.

All of the bad/disturbing news and stuff has just gotten me down lately. I'm ready for there to be happy news in the newspaper. I just need to hide away for the weekend and watch Andy Griffith Show reruns. "I miss Mayberry..."

At 2:15 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should come over for silly movies or something.

At 9:04 PM , Blogger Cara Hurley said...

I can relate. I have lost some very loved ones to cancer.



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