Monday, February 04, 2008

Non Ambition Day

Today is a day of absolutely no ambition. It’s Monday. It’s cold and wet outside and I have major PMS. The Hubby wasn’t sure he would make it out of the house today with his head still attached. Sad thing is I knew I was being a major crab but couldn’t do anything about it. I think it’s time to switch my pills. And to top it all off we are roasting in our offices today. Here at work there is no happy medium for temperature. It’s either freezing or surface of the sun hot. I currently have my window open and it’s only 32 degrees F outside.

The doctor’s office just called and cancelled baby’s 6 month check up today. Not that I mind putting of seeing her get her shots for a few more days, but I really want to get her her flu shot. We’re having a very icky flu season around here and it has hit with a vengeance. But they were nice enough to reschedule it for Wednesday, so that’s not too bad.

My weekend was pretty uneventful. Saturday morning the Hubby and Little Guy headed out of town to go see his oldest son and family. Baby and I got around and came into town and had breakfast with Coyote Mike. Very yummy. I had eggs, sausage and pancakes. Everything a dieting woman needs. :P After that I headed over and checked out Tit’s new place. Her, Fred (her boyfriend) another couple and a guy she works with are all roommates at the new place. It’s a very lovely house. It’s actually bigger than mine and I absolutely love the floor plan to it. It has a more open floor plan, new paint, carpet etc. I was jealous. I think it will work out great for them. She also filled me in on the latest argument her and Fred had the night before. I seriously think he’s asking for a beating from me the best friend sometimes. Most people can be cruel when they’re angry, but he can be overly so with things that he says. He did at least come to his senses though and apologized.

I spent yesterday cleaning house and playing Star Fox Adventures on our Wii. I am addicted to this game. It’s pretty simple and it’s kinda cute. Not sure how much farther I’ll get since I’m stuck at a certain point. I also sort of watched the Super Bowl too. I have to admit it was a pretty good game. I felt sorry for the QB of the Patriots Tom Brady. Poor guy got tackled/sacked more times than I could count. I’m sure he’s hurting today.

Anyway, I got interrupted earlier and lot my train of thought. So I will end here for now. Later everbodezzz!


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