Thursday, February 14, 2008


Happy Valentine’s Day people! Valentine’s Day used to be one of my favorite holidays, but now without meaning to somehow I’ve pushed it over to the side with other holidays like Columbus Day. I think I’ve wound up doing this just because time gets away from me. I definitely still like it though. The Hubby is wonderful about flowers and gifts and stuff. Better at that part than I am. Gotta love the man for that. This morning I got a new white gold heart shaped necklace with princess cut diamonds and 1 dozen pink roses. Oh and a snickers bar. That was my chocolate: P I loved it all. But I feel terrible because I didn’t get him anything near this nice. But I will find a way to get even when he least expects it.

I miss those days of being in elementary school and spending all week working on my Valentine’s Day “mailbox” for our exchange at school. My dad and I always used to work on it together and had a lot of fun doing it. Mine were always made out of old shoe boxes and decorated with pretty paper and colors. Then there was the suspense of getting to see the valentine that your crush would leave you; thinking you were just going to die if the teacher didn’t let you look soon. Finally when you were given the ok to start looking you would dive like a mad person into your “mailbox” valentines flying until you found his. Then hardly containing your excitement you would dissecting every little thing GI Joe said on it eventually coming to the conclusion that…he loves you!! Oh what bliss it would be to be that young and innocent again. I miss being a kid. Maybe next year I’ll make myself a Valentine’s Day “mailbox”. :P


At 1:16 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I used to hope that if I put the right kind of valentines in peoples' boxes, I'd get to be accepted by my class. It never happened. I was also worried that I'd never get any valentines. It never occured to me that the parents made their kids give EVERYONE a card.


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