Tuesday, January 29, 2008

It must be a requirement that you become a germophobe once you are a mother. I somewhat worried about germs before my daughter was born. But now I am completely paranoid about germs. The Flu and Strep Throat have started going around lately and I am so worried she will get them. I’m more worried about the Flu than Strep. Little Guy came down with Strep last Thursday and I basically quarantined him. He wasn’t allowed near his sister and couldn’t kiss me until he’d been on the antibiotics for 48 hours.

When I was in first grade I spent the entire year being sick with Strep and Tonsillitis, which left me with one permanently swollen Tonsil. I should have had them removed back then, but I managed to escape. But if I get one good bout of either of those now I most definitely would have to have them taken out. Something I would like to avoid.

So far Lily hasn’t gotten sick. But I’m still worried about the Flu. It can be so hard on babies. But she is able to get her flu shot on Monday along with her 6 month shots. She will hate me after Monday. And I will forever hate those evil nurses that make me hold her down while they give her not so gentle shots. I have contemplated about switching to a different doctor for her. I went to him in high school and he’s a good enough doctor just a little different. His office also has the most unfriendly receptionists. I just want to smack them every time I’m there.

Such decisions I have to make in my life. :P Speaking of decisions, I got my hair cut. It was down to the middle of my back and on Thursday I had it cut; now it’s just above my shoulders and I have bangs again. It’s a very cute layered look that actually forces me to style my hair everyday. Granted this could lead to many trips to the doctor because I’ve burned myself on whatever scalding hot object I’m using that day. But so far I like the new hair style. I’ve had so many people tell me how much they like it. Now if I can just drop these pesky extra pounds I’ll be doing great. I’m on my way there too though. I’ve been eating better (minus getting sick from the bacon bits I was putting on my salads) and I have started working out again. My back is not happy with me, but once I get those muscles toned and used to everything I should be feeling pretty good. I forgot how much I really do like to work out. I want to get back into shape for myself, but also for my family. I have to be healthy so I can take care of them and be around for them. I’m only 24, but good habits should start early.

Well time to put my nose to the grindstone and get back to work. TTFN!!


At 4:15 PM , Blogger Coyote Mike said...

Babies get sick. That's what they do. Then they get better, start walking, start talking, go to school, meet some skuzzy guy, get a tattoo and a belly-button ring, stop talking to you, go to college . . . want me to keep going?


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