Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Happy Halloween (late)! Hope everyone had a happy and fun Halloween. Mine was pretty quiet but enjoyable. Lily was a pooh bear for about 10 minutes of the day. And as you can see she was the cutest pooh bear ever.

I started back to work last Thursday. It’s going well so far. I’m only part-time until July. I work 8-2 Mon-Fri and it’s working out great. Lily has really taken to her day care lady. She was all grins and giggles the first day I left her, so that really helped me leave her. She has made friends with the day care lady’s own little girl who is a month older than Lily. It’s so cute to watch them interact with each other. They’re both at that age where they are starting to notice and play with things around them. Being a mommy is definitely the best thing I’ve ever done.

Little Guy is doing great in school this year. We had the best parent teacher conference yet two weeks ago. We’ve very proud of him and he is being a wonderful big brother. Having Lily has helped me out with him too. Helps me relax and let him be more independent. I also have more patience with him. I still need to get better with that but it’s a work in progress.

Right now I’m trying to brain storm what Tits and I should do for our birthdays this year. Her birthday is on Dec. 7th and mine is Jan. 5th. We will be 24 this year. Seems very weird to us. We have been friends for 11 years now. We still remember when we dreamed of what it’d be like to be 21. I don’t think anything is how we thought it would be, but whose life is. If anybody has any good ideas for birthday stuff let me know. This one will be good for her since she has her boyfriend. Fred is a great guy for her. They’ve hit some rocky patches but they’re good for each other. This is her first true boyfriend. She’s dated before but never really seriously. It’s kind of weird in a good way for me. Now she gets to come to me to talk about her guy stuff.

The Hubby and I are doing really good. We’re at 5 years together and still going. In May we’ll have been married for 3. I’ve booked us a sweet at a really awesome bed and breakfast mansion out of town. I think it will be amazing. The other thing I want to do for our wedding anniversary this year is lose weight and get back into my wedding dress, get him a tux and have our pictures taken. We didn’t have a photographer at our wedding and I’d really like to get some pictures done professionally.

Ever since I’ve had Lily I have felt like a more confident and collected person. I actually feel like an adult. Not like some kid playing house. My house is getting put together and staying cleaner, I’m actually more organized and am reaching goals that I set for myself. I’m also getting better at not stressing so much. I think a lot of it is also due to the factor I’m not working as much. Granted the cut in money sucks but that part is easy for me to work out. I also think I’m going to get serious about my children’s books that I write and finding a publisher. I think life is going very well and will get even better as time goes on.


At 3:56 PM , Blogger Coyote Mike said...

Awww, Lily looks SOOOOO cute!!! Good thing she looks like her mom :)

Glad things are coming together for you. And I think you and Tits should take me to Vegas for your birthdays (particularly since my 30th isn't that far behind yours).

At 12:24 PM , Blogger SuvvyGirl said...

If you pay for everything we'll take you to vegas :P

At 12:53 PM , Blogger Sarah said...

I'm glad you feel like a grown-up; now one of us does ;)


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