Friday, September 08, 2006

My Greatest Love Story

Okay here is my finished assignment that Faris gave me last week. It could be a lot better and gets kind of lazy towards the end. But I kept getting interrupted while writing it and losing my train of thought. So I finished it so I could finally post it.

After a long, long day at work I clamored onto the subway train. After I got on I made my way towards a corner seat. I wasn’t used to this big city life at all. I had been in New York for two weeks now, getting my newest self-defense school set up. It was the one hundredth school I had opened since starting out five years ago. I couldn’t believe the success I was having with them and on top of it I was enjoying what I was doing. I opened my bag and rummaged around in it finally pulling out my book that I had been trying to finish since before I left home.

I only had a couple of chapters left and was amazed at how much easier it was to read when I wasn’t at home having to contend with Jack wanting to go out every night. I opened my book and tried to concentrate on what I was reading. This task did not come easily as I had the feeling that someone was watching me. I looked up and looked around but didn’t see any of the other people looking in my direction. I shrugged it off and went back to reading. I finished the book just as the train pulled to my stop. Satisfied with the end of the story I packed it back up in my bag. When I stood up my gaze fell onto a tall dark haired man in suit slacks and a rumpled dress shirt. Our eyes met for a split second and my breath caught in my throat. He had the most amazing emerald eyes I had ever seen. After I got my breath back I started out of the train all the while watching him. My face flushed as I admired his defined muscles moving underneath his clothes. There was something about him that had entranced me. I started to walk at a faster pace so I could watch him a few moments longer when I started to fall. I tore my eyes off of his disappearing form just in time to catch my balance. I hadn’t realized that I had made it to the stairs already and tripped on the very first one. “At least he didn’t see it,” I thought to myself. I careened my neck up the stairs to try to catch one last glimpse but he was gone.

I finished making my own way up the stairs trying to retain some amount of grace. The weather outside had turned windy and rainy during my train ride. I threw my bag over my shoulder and ran the next two blocks to my hotel. Once warmly inside my room I threw off my wet clothes and ran myself a hot shower. I reveled in its warmth pouring over me. As I stood there letting the water engulf me my mind returned to the man on the subway. I couldn’t get those eyes (or that body) out of my head. “I shouldn’t be thinking this way,” I thought to myself. “I’m supposed to be getting married to Jack after I get home in a couple of months.” But still there was just something about that mystery man that had me reeling inside.

Ring! Ring! The phone intruded into my thoughts. I quickly finished rinsing and turned off the shower. I threw my robe on and ran to my phone. I looked at the caller ID. It was Jack. “What a time for him to call” I said to myself feeling annoyed.

“Hello” I said as cheerfully as possible

“How’s my baby doll?” Came Jacks rough voice over the phone

Babydoll. I hated that phrase for some reason. Maybe it was just the way he said it but it had always gotten under my skin.

“I’m a little worn out,” I said in response

“I miss you,” He said tenderly

The image of the man on the subway popped out of vision and I had a pang of guilt hit me square in the stomach. “How does he make me feel guilty even when I have nothing to feel guilty about?” I thought to myself

“Are you there? He asked

“Oh…yeah” I replied snapping away from my thoughts “I miss you too.”

We continued to talk for a while. We were just discussing our final wedding plans when he was beeped on his other line. We said our goodbyes quickly and hung up. He always seemed to be conveniently taken away when we’d start talking about the wedding. I chalked it up to his busy schedule. But there was still a tiny voice nagging at the back of my mind telling me he didn’t really want to get married. Or was it me that didn’t really want to? I pushed all those thoughts out of my mind and popped the cork on a bottle of Gewürztraminer wine and settled in watching TV. I was watching Runaway Bride when I fell asleep.

I dreamt that it was my wedding day and I was in a gorgeous gown. I was standing at the front of the church next to Jack. He looked splendid in his tux. The Pastor started the ceremony and it was going beautifully all except for this longing feeling I had like I wanted to be somewhere else. Then when the Pastor got to the speak now or forever hold your peace part there was a commotion in the back of the church. I wheeled around and saw the man from the subway (only in the dream I knew exactly who he was) fighting his way past the ushers. After he got through he said “She deserves better. She deserves a man who will love her with every breath he takes and take care of her every day of her life.” The crowd gasped, Jack turned to look at me and tears welled up in my eyes. But they weren’t tears of embarrassment or being upset that my wedding had been interrupted, but they were of true love and joy. My eyes met with his and we ran down the isle into each others arms and passionately embraced.

I woke up the next morning in a very befuddled but very wonderful mood minus the headache I had from drinking the entire bottle of wine. I got dressed in a dreamy state thinking and rethinking the dream all morning. I had this odd feeling that the dream really did mean something. But I had given up my superstition on dreams long ago. Still I hoped to see the man again today.

After having my breakfast I started on my walk to the dojo. I always walked in the morning to get warmed up before my first class. I was starting to get a good feel for the students and for the instructors I hired to take my place after I left to go back home. I preferred to get the classes and training started personally whenever I opened another school. I refused to be a sell out like so many others who never actually meet their students.
When I got to the dojo I changed into my uniform. I walked out of the dressing room and one of my instructors, Casey started to snicker.

“What?” I asked

“Look for yourself” She said through fits of laughter

I turned to the mirror and felt the hot rush of pure embarrassment hit me. I had my uniform top on inside out and still had my jeans on instead of my uniform pants. I looked around and noticed some of my new students laughing it up too. This had to look bad. The woman who had a 5th degree black belt in three different martial arts one hundred dojos and a degree in business couldn’t even dress herself properly.

I scampered back into the dressing room and came out looking good as new. I put on my professional instructors face and called the class to order. The rest of the morning went fairly smoothly. My mind was still slightly occupied with thoughts of Jack, the wedding and the man from the subway. But I easily covered my non-existent attention span by having Casey instruct most of the class while I pretending to be observing.

When morning classes were done I snuck out to go grab one of those New York hot dogs that I had become hooked on. I didn’t want to know what was in them but they were wonderful and I was addicted. I paid the vendor for my foot long with ketchup, mustard, relish and onions and made my way towards a bench. I was just starting to stuff the first bite into my mouth when my eye caught a familiar form. It was the man from the subway! He was at the hot dog vendor right there in front of me. I couldn’t move and had momentarily forgotten about the hot dog I had shoved in my mouth until he turned around. I hurriedly tried to finish taking the bite in hopes that he didn’t catch me staring. But just as I’d bit down he looked at me. Our eyes met and I wanted to melt. I saw this little sparkle jump in his eye and he gave me a small smile and walked away.

My heart was racing and pounding in my chest, my breaths were almost a pant. Never before had any man made me feel the way he did in that one look.

“You look cute ya know” Said Casey from beside me

I jumped startled that she was there. “When did you get here?” I said through my mouthful of hot dog.

“I’ve been here long enough to watch you ogle some guy” She said with a wink

“He smiled at me” I said vaguely not even realizing I said it out loud

“Well either he likes you or was trying not to laugh at the ketchup and mustard that you have all over your face.” She said

I pulled out my compact mirror and sure enough. I had enough ketchup and mustard on my face to look like a giant hot dog. My heart sank along with my appetite and I tossed the rest of the hot dog away. I wiped the mess off of my face and headed back to the dojo with an interested Casey in tow.

The afternoon seemed to drag on. My mind was not on any of my students or what they were doing. I was in a state of self loathing and pity over what had happened. Towards the end of the day my loathing and self pity turned into annoyance. I didn’t understand why one simple human being turned me into complete mush. After all he was just a guy. Guys never affected me that way before; in fact I had always been calm cool and collected. I was the one who turned them to mush. But not this time. I became turned into the bumbling clumsy fool. I was determined to quit thinking about this random guy and get back on track. As I was leaving for the night Casey looked at me and said “You know, I may not know you very well but I do know love when I see it. Any man who can turn you into a bumbling idiot might be worth looking into.”

“He just caught me off guard. That’s all. See you tomorrow.” I said with a twinge of annoyance.

On my way to the subway I started thinking again. Casey did have a point. But I was already in love with Jack. Plus there is no way I could love a total stranger with whom I had never had a conversation. I didn’t believe in love at first sight anymore. I let those fantasies die years ago. But there was still part of the old me lurking around telling me there was a reason I kept seeing him. This emotional reasoning gave me a lift of hope that maybe I would see him again on the subway tonight. Only this time I was determined to be as collected as possible.

I made my way onto the train and sat down. I had forgotten to bring another book with me so I busied myself with writing down what to do in the next day’s classes. Once again I got the strange feeling I was being watched. I looked up but still didn’t catch anybody staring at me, but once again my eyes fell on him. My face felt as if it were on fire when he looked up and met my gaze. I couldn’t move I was frozen just sitting there staring at him. Then he grinned at me once again. I averted my eyes quickly. I didn’t know what to do. I sheepishly looked up again and he was still looking at me smiling. I took a deep breath a smiled back. After my smile I went back to working on my classes. I didn’t want to seem like I had been staring at him on purpose or extremely interested. I didn’t know what I was doing. “I shouldn’t be doing this” I thought. “I am treading in dangerous waters if I keep this fantasy up.”

My night was filled of visions and fantasies of the man on the subway. My thoughts kept trickling back to that dream I had had and the way he made me feel. I had succumbed to the notion that it all had to mean something. I was turning into the old naïve me. The me that believed that fairy tales really can come true. I didn’t exactly like it that I was morphing into my former self but I couldn’t necessarily stop it either.

The next day went by in a blur. I was more together than the day before and concentrated on teaching my students new grappling moves. I noticed Casey watching me carefully all day. In the afternoon Jack called me but I didn’t feel like talking to him so I let my voice mail pick up his message. After all of my classes were done for the day I went into the changing room. I was determined to look my absolute best. I was expecting to see the man on the subway again tonight. After all I had seen him everyday since I first noticed him. I had butterflies in my stomach as I got ready. When done I looked into the mirror with satisfaction. I’m not one to brag but I have always felt attractive. I turned in the mirror and admired the way the mid thigh dress hugged my curves just right. I had never been toothpick thin but I was slender with perfect curves. I slipped my high heels on and headed out of the changing room. I heard a whistle behind me and turned around to see Casey’s grinning face.

“You look sexy tonight. What’s the deal? You never change into something like that.” She said slyly

“I have a business dinner with some of our marketing reps.” I said as convincingly as possible hoping she wouldn’t see right through me.

“Okay. Well hope it goes well.” She said calmly

I couldn’t believe I had gotten away with that one. I had never been a good liar and I had figured that was my worst one. I slipped out of the dojo and hurriedly made my way to the subway. I was so excited I could hardly contain myself. All thoughts of Jack and the wedding left my mind as I imagined how this next encounter would go. Even if we didn’t talk I didn’t care. All I wanted was one more look from those soulful eyes. When I got to my train I stopped and took a deep breath to compose myself then walked forward onto the car as sexy as possible. I took my normal corner seat and waited a few minutes before I looked up. When I did my stomach lurched. There where he had always sat theses past few days was some old lady talking to herself. I franticly did a scan of the entire car but did not find him. I rode in disappointed silence the rest of the way. As I was walking towards my hotel I felt incredibly tired and stupid. Pangs of guilt, remorse and stupidity flooded into me with each step. I couldn’t believe I thought that there might have been something to all of this. I felt like and idiot for reverting back into that stupid girl who believed in fairy tales.

I waited until I had gotten into my room to actually cry. There were so many different emotions that pushed the tears out of my eyes. This was why I had worked so hard to change myself before. This is was my worst fear come true again. I had broken a promise to myself that I would never feel this way again. And for four years I hadn’t. But all of a sudden I see this stranger and my whole way of thinking went out the window.

I was in the middle of loudly sobbing with my back against the door when I heard a light knock. I froze and listened. The knock came again. I quickly stood up and wiped the last tears from my eyes and took a deep breath. I didn’t want anyone not even the bell boy to see me crying I forbid it. I flung the door open to see who had interrupted me and came face to face with him. Standing in front of me was the man from the subway. I stood there dumbfounded with the sight before me. His gentle eyes stared down into mine and he stepped closer. I could smell the scent of his cologne and feel the warmth radiating from his body. He slowly raised his hands to cup my face and gently wiped the remaining tears from my cheeks. I didn’t know how to react to this man who I didn’t know touching me in this manner. All I did know was I didn’t want him to stop. He softly smiled at me and slowly lowered his lips to mine. All thoughts vanished from my mind as I let in to nothing but feeling. His lips were soft and moist against mine. It was the most tender kiss I had ever felt. My hands slid up his arms to his neck and my fingers entwined his hair. As I did this he pulled me closer to his strong chest and kissed me deeper more passionately. No kiss had ever made me feel this way. I felt that if he ever let go I would fall down from the wonderful weakness in my knees. After a few more long moments wrapped in his electrical embrace our lips parted but he didn’t let me go.

I rested my head against his chest and heard a soft deep chuckle come out of him. I looked up into his face. Drinking in every line every contour, I didn’t ever want to forget any of it.

“I’m Derek” He said in a smooth silky voice that sounded like music to my ears.

“I’m, I’m, I’m” I stammered trying to remember exactly what my name was

He grinned

“Sorry I missed the train tonight” He said gently “I was going to introduce myself to you after you boarded tonight. You look amazing.”

I felt a swell of emotion rise up in me. It was a combination of excitement, embarrassment, confusion and love. I did believe in love at first sight and nothing would ever change that. I pulled him towards me for another long kiss.

After we had kissed good and long I invited him into my room. I felt completely at ease with him. It’s the perfect example of the cheesy saying: “I felt like I’d known him my entire life.” I was turning into a sappy romantic again and I loved it. Not once throughout that night did I even have a glimpse of a thought about Jack or the wedding. I was in complete bliss and nothing would ruin it. We spent all night getting to know each other over a few bottles of good wine and soft music. I learned that he had noticed me the first time I had set foot on the subway. He told me that ever since that first day he knew he had fallen for me. He felt the same connection I did. He worked for an advertising company that sold sports gear where Casey used to work before I hired her as an instructor. I knew there was a reason she was so interested in what was going on. He had asked her for her help to get to know me. She didn’t want to push her limits too far with me so she arranged it so he was there at the hot dog vendor at the same time and called him when I’d leave the dojo to make sure he didn’t miss the train.

The more we talked the more it felt like a fairy tale come true. Stuff like that only happens in romance novels and Disney movies. Or at least that’s what I used to think. We spent the next two months almost inseparable. He took me out on the town and showed me some of the most amazing things and places in New York City. Over those two months I unfortunately remembered Jack and the wedding plans. I was so confused I didn’t know what to do. I did love Jack and had for the past 3 years but I also was very much in love with Derek now. I confided in Derek all of my thoughts and feelings on the matter. He never tried to sway me one way or another and just listened to me. The only thing he ever told me was that the only thing he wanted for me was true happiness.

It finally came down to the night before I was due to head back home. I was a nervous wreck getting ready for my date with Derek. I was trying my hardest not to cry. I still had not decided what I was going to do yet. When he knocked on my door I opened it and found him standing there with 1 dozen white roses and a big smile. I put the roses on my table to enjoy for later and we headed out for the most amazing night. When we got downstairs to the street there was a horse drawn carriage waiting for us that looked like the one out of Cinderella. Derek helped me into the carriage and we set out. Inside the carriage was a bottle of champagne (not the cheap stuff either) and a picnic basket. We snuggled and kissed the entire time until the carriage came to a stop. When I stepped out of the carriage I realized we were at the Central Park Zoo. One of my most favorite places in the entire city. Derek grabbed the champagne and picnic basket and led me into the zoo. The middle of the zoo was alight with soft glowing lights and had a candlelight table for two magnificently set. He pulled my chair out for me and I sat down. Hardly able to catch my breath at the sight of everything. He sat down across from me and poured the champagne and set out the food.

After a wonderful dinner and a few glasses of champagne I was stuffed. I sat back relaxing just watching him from across the table. He looked at me and smiled that wonderful smile that made his eyes twinkle. He got up and came over and took my hand to help me rise. He felt underneath the table with the tip of his foot and all of a sudden Gershwin was pouring out of a stereo hidden underneath. He took me in his arms and we began to dance. As we were dancing he looked lovingly down at me and said “Do you love me?”

My face flushed and I replied “Yes”

“Then I have and offer to make” He said seriously “It’s not a request but it is an offer to you. I love you with every fiber in my being, every beat of my heart and I would be honored if you would stay with me. I know you are confused about what you would like to do and I am not expecting and answer soon or even an answer at all. But you deserve to be loved completely and to live the fairy tale you want.”

Tears started to well up in my eyes. How could I love two men so much all at once? How would I choose! I had a million thoughts running amuck through my mind. I was so worried I would make the wrong decision and hurt somebody.

Like he was reading my thoughts Derek pulled me close and kissed me softly.

“Shhh.” He said tenderly “Don’t think about what everyone else wants. Feel what you want. The choice is yours and know I will always love you.”


At 3:01 AM , Blogger Jeff said...

I really liked this

At 11:50 AM , Blogger Rocky Mountain Princess said...

Oh my God, Suvvy. I adore this story!! I got caught up in it and there were quite a few parts of it that made me feel like I was her, right there in the story.

Great job!! :)

At 3:38 PM , Blogger Coyote Mike said...

Well done, m'dear. But the rules were that you weren't supposed to star in this story. Maybe its just cuz I know you that I see you in the character.

At 11:23 AM , Blogger SuvvyGirl said...

Thank you! Glad everyone liked it. I might go back and redo some of it someday and finish it out like I wanted to but didn't have the time to do or the attention span. Faris told me to make myself the one telling the story the main actress so it was a lot easier to do it that way. I really enjoyed writing this one :)

At 5:21 AM , Blogger Faris said...

hey, sorry I've been away and couldn't read it earlier. Great stuff. hehe..I enjoyed it, especially when you mentioned this: I was the one who turned them to mush.

There is a song I remember, I used to listen to when I was growing up, my dad's favourite, it's called: Torn between two lovers...very fitting for this story.

Again, no title. You got to have one. The beginning wasn't the greatest, to be honest, but I enjoyed the middle and the end part.

But, you'll have to do Part II of this also I guess. Cause it's not finished.

The thing I really loved about this story was the emotions that came out the girl. I could really get into her head.

Poor Jack.


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