Monday, September 18, 2006

Hi ho Hi ho Off to Work I Go....

Hello everyone. I hope everyone’s weekend went well. Mine was okay. Got some quiet time since the Husband went to see his oldest son this weekend. He took Little Guy with him too. I am back to work today after being gone most of last week after the baby incident. Feels weird to be back. Not sure why it just does. I did pretty good last week after I went to the Hospital but now I think it’s all catching up to me. That big question of “why” has started coming to mind along with a barrage of different emotions about everything. I got to spend time with Grandma Nutt on Thursday and Friday. She came down (and this woman never travels) after Mom told her what happened.

Grandma was fun to be around because she didn’t really say much about what happened. Thursday afternoon I hung out with Coyote Mike then after having about 4 Scottish Ales I went up to Mom’s to go see her and Grandma. Mom giggled when she realized I was feeling pretty good. We had supper together then I got to play pool with my Grandma. That I must say was pretty neat. Grandma had only played pool one other time in her entire life but I must say she was pretty good at it. Friday she took me shopping. Which I have some advice to give. If you have just had a miscarriage and aren’t crazy about your weight to begin with DON’T GO CLOTHES SHOPPING! It does not help improve one’s morale.

Saturday I spent most of the day at home napping with my animals. We had to be a sight all sprawled out around the living room. I finally woke up enough in the afternoon to get a shower and try not to look like the living dead. My friend Nick messaged me about going out so I said that would be fine. We went out and heard a local blues band play, helped break up a fight between some guy and a guy in a wheel chair. Then in turn got berated by the sissy bartender that the guy in the wheel chair supposedly deserved everything he got because he grabbed the other guys girlfriend in a naughty spot. I basically told him I didn’t see what happened didn’t really care and was just trying to help. Why is it that the nice people that try to help are the one’s that catch all of the shit in the end? That is why I quit getting involved with stuff like that. After that fun we walked across the street to a club. Which when we got there my best friend with the rest of her friends were there which was nice. Nick left about 10 minutes later and I stayed till the club closed then the rest of us went and grabbed a bite to eat at Amigos. When we were done eating I headed home and that’s when everything really started to hit me I think.

As I was driving I started to ask myself why the hell I went out and drank. I enjoyed myself and usually do when I go out but all of a sudden it seemed so pointless. At least the drinking part. Now don’t get me wrong. There is nothing wrong with drinking here and there and getting a little goofy every now and then. But with me anytime I’ve gone out in the past few months I always drink more than I should. Not sure why either. But I have decided that is going to stop. There are better things I could be doing with my time and my money. So I will be going back to being how I used to be. Going out every great once in a while and not drinking to excess. Granted I used to be called a prude for being that way but I don’t care what other people think. At least that way I won’t have to worry about driving when I probably shouldn’t and getting home really late or feeling like shit the next day. So there is my new resolution.

Yesterday was a pretty blah day. Came into town to grab dog food that I had forgotten the night before, stopped at the parent’s house and played a few games of pool by myself. Ate lunch at the park then went home. Spent the rest of the day trying to clean the house and make it look decent again. Which in my opinion didn’t go so well. The Husband and Little Guy made it home just around dark. They had had a good trip so that was nice. I was actually glad to see the Husband. I think I spent too much time alone this weekend. Haha.

Today has been weird. I had to go into the doctor so they could take blood to make sure my hormones were doing what they were supposed to do. This wouldn’t have been too bad if I wouldn’t have gotten the nurse from hell. Seriously, how do some of these people actually become nurses?! I walked into the exam room and here is what happened:

Nurse: “What are we doing for you today?”

Me: With a befuddled “duh” look “I had a miscarriage last week and was told to come in this week to have my hormones checked to make sure the pregnancy hormone is depleting like it should.”

Nurse: With a completely dumb look “I don’t show and order for any blood tests to be done. We can’t do any blood tests unless we have an order for them”

Me: Annoyed at this point “Dr. at the ER told me to have my pregnancy hormone checked this week, the records from ER were transferred to my family Dr. and her nurse told me to do the same thing. I called here last week, spoke to the appointment desk who in turn spoke with a nurse and Dr. OB and set me up with blood work today and another appointment to actually see Dr. OB on Thursday.”

Nurse: Looking like the idiot she was “Well let me go make some phone calls and find out what’s going on.”

Nurse leaves I sit and wait and wait and wait. Finally Nurse comes back in.

Nurse: With smug look on her face “Dr. ER’s office doesn’t show you were in the emergency room last week.”

Me: Wanting to slap Nurse upside the head “I was in the emergency room last week on the 12th. I was seen by Dr. ER who told me to have this blood work done and the emergency room sent the records over to family Dr.”

Nurse: “Well let me go call family Dr. and see what they say.”

Nurse leaves again for another ten minutes. Comes back in.

Nurse: “Well family Dr. didn’t order blood work done either. So I spoke to Dr. OB and she said to go ahead and draw some blood to run a test to make sure your pregnancy hormone is depleting the way it should.”

Me: With exasperated look and tone “That is what I was told to come here for!”

Nurse: “I’ll be right back with the stuff to get a blood sample.”

When she came back in she had me lie on the table. Which I would prefer to sit up. Then she proceeded to argue about what arm to take the blood out of. I can’t have it taken out of my right arm because they can never find the vein on that side. So she’s feeling around on my left arm trying to find my vein. And I will mention that you could see my vein plus the mark from where they took blood last week. She finally found it after not listening to me. She was extremely nervous; evidently she’s had some bad experiences taking blood before. The woman started shaking! Not really bad but enough I noticed which in turn made me a little nervous. But amazingly she was rather good at getting the needle in. But when she took it out I had a terrible bruise and really had to work at getting it to stop bleeding. She couldn’t even put the cotton ball with tape on my arm correctly. But thank God after that I was done. Kind of makes me not want to go back to that place. They even told me they weren’t sure why I had been scheduled to see Dr. OB for this Thursday. So now I can cancel that appointment. I understand this might be an everyday occurrence for them but it’s a first time thing for me and nobody is doing very well at explaining or talking to me about what happens from here etc. Granted I pretty much know everything anyway but it would still be nice if the Dr. would take that time. Oh well I guess. I have half a mind to keep the appointment Thursday just to annoy the piss out of them like they did me. I need a vacation!!! I also apologize for this being so oddly written. I still don’t think my brain is functioning correctly :P I’m still out in la la land somewhere. But bear with me and I will start making more sense eventually. Hope you all have a good night.


At 6:39 PM , Blogger Coyote Mike said...

I send you hugs. Enjoy them.

At 3:51 AM , Blogger Faris said...

I've had incidents like that in hospital. They are never really organized there. Too much happening I guess, and these people working there, I guess there are living in the edge or something.

But 4 Ale at one go, that was some drinking. With Ale, I can't get pass 3, at the most. They are so filling. Try Newcastle Brown Ale, if you can. That's my favourite.


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