Thursday, July 17, 2008

Well so far I am surviving our vacation. We left last saturday, spent saturday through yesterday with the hubby's family, hit south dakota yesterday afternoon and am currently sitting in Rapid City. We've seen the Flintstone Theme Park, Mt. Rushmore, The Cosmos and Reptile Gardens. Had a pretty good time and the kids have been good for the most part. Lily has a new tooth coming in and is having some allergies as it's hay season. But considering her gums are producing sharp poky objects and her nose is full of boogies she's been pretty good. I will post a new update after we get home. I'm ready to be home but not to go back to work. The Boss called the other day with a question and got all bent out of shape that i was gone all week. he knew i was, but is pissy because he wanted to take more time off or something. he's been in a right pissy mood for a couple of weeks now. I know he's stressed but jeessh man!! hope everyone is doing well. ta ta for now!


At 12:43 AM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

Call me if you're back in time for Cruise Nite . . . although I doubt you'll be up for much.


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