Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Oh what dumbness to post about today???? Does anyone else get completely burnt out on their job? I used to absolutely love my job, but over the months I’ve been beginning to feel exactly the opposite. There’s been office politics with our office and others, the government is increasing in stupidity etc and sadly enough I think so have some of our clients, not to mention the fact that today is my first day back full time since Lily was born. It sucks!! It’s enough to put a person off. But jobs don’t always have to be forever, I could always find something else. The only problem with that is I am a very surefooted individual. I want absolutes before I try something when it comes to affecting my income. But I figure things will work themselves out in time.

Not a whole lot has been going on in my neck of the woods. I went out Saturday night with Coyote Mike and another one of my friends Specs. We all had a rather good time getting a little goofy on alcamahol. Specs doesn’t get out much since she’s a single mom so we made sure she had a few glasses of some good wine, Mike had plenty of vodka martinis and I had a couple of fruity martinis followed by amaretto sours. I think I’m a bad influence on everyone, including myself. I think I started feeling it before the rest of them considering the odd looks both were giving me. Especially when I was basically holding a conversation with myself. That seems to be a talent that many an only child has, but it’s a rather embarrassing talent at times. Anyway, after we’d degoofyfied ourselves good enough to drive over to the nearest Perkins we had breakfast. This may or may not have been the best idea. We ate, we finished sobering up then we all got very tired. So we dropped Mike off first, but not without running a red light. It was really a big deal. We have those old corner stoplights in our downtown and for some odd reason I always pay more attention to the ones a block further down than the one’s I’m supposed to be paying attention to. I saw a green light and I went. But I was only going a total distance of about 20 feet to park in front of his apartment. So Mike made it home. Then it was time to take Specs home. We made it to her apartment without any problems. I was just so very tired. The alcohol had completely worn off and left exhaustion in its place. I had also been up since 8am and driven all day from my grandmothers and it was now 1:30 in the morning. So I got her dropped off and headed on my way. I turned the corner and was tootling down the road when I see this car coming at me driving in the wrong lane. Well I thought he was in the wrong lane. When I decided to pay attention I found out that it was me who was in the wrong lane. Driving perfectly straight mind you. Thankfully they were the only other people around and I only did this for about a block. Thankfully the next 20 miles home were uneventful. This is one reason I will be happy to get moved back into town.

Anyway, I will have to post more later. It’s time for me to actually do some work this afternoon. I have a meme from Bullhorn I will be posting on. A tad late, but I will be doing it. Have a good day, night or morning wherever you are!!


At 6:34 PM , Anonymous Anonymous said...

You skipped the part where I touched Spec's butt and gave her a kiss :P


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