Thursday, May 29, 2008

Does anyone else ever have problems finding a good intro to a post? I do!! Especially when the post isn’t about anything in particular. It is yet another day of gloomy wet weather here in the heartland of Nebraska. We’ve had rainy weather for about a week now. Now I love a good rain now and then but and entire week of it is the pits. Mainly because it’s been chilly. Make it warm with the rain and then it’s fine. Today isn’t as bad. It’s supposed in the 80’s by the end of the day. I just hope the storms we’re supposed to have today don’t produce any more hail. We had a hail storm in the little town I live in last week and my poor mustang wasn’t in the garage. I just had the insurance adjuster look at it yesterday; I don’t want to see what they estimated damage is on it. Honestly though I think it came out pretty good compared to a lot of other vehicles I’ve seen. I think Mother Nature and the Almighty are kind of partial to my car. It went through and even worse hail storm about two years ago and didn’t get a single dent.

Anyway, now that I’ve updated you all on the weather off to other ramblings. The Hubby and I have now officially been married for 3 years as of yesterday. We didn’t do anything exceptionally special yesterday. I did make a nice dinner though. Shrimp and scallops warmed in butter, garlic, lime juice and tequila then mixed with sundried tomatoes, diced tomatoes with green chilis with whole milk mixed in for a nice spicy creamy sauce served over pasta (my own concoction). Then for desert I made peaches warmed with a brown sugar, white sugar, vanilla and amaretto sauce (courtesy of Emeril Live). Everything was very yummy. Little Guy and I have started watching cooking shows together. He loves to watch Emeril. So he helped me make everything. He’s much more open for trying different things now that he watches the cooking shows. I think they help him understand how different things can go together and taste yummy. We also love the movie Ratatouille. Anyway, the Hubby really liked dinner and we enjoy it with a nice bottle of Fetzer Gewürztraminer. Then we went to bed at 9. So exciting aren’t we.

But we are planning on heading out of town this weekend for an anniversary getaway we planned back in October. We have a room at a beautiful bed and breakfast and my Dad and Step-Mom are taking the kids for us on Saturday night. While we’re out of town on Saturday we’re hitting up my cousins graduation that’s in the same town and we’re having dinner with my best friend from grade school and her boyfriend. I’m very excited to see her. I haven’t seen her in about 8 or 9 years. We became best friends on the first day of Kindergarten because we had the same backpack. We were inseparable nerds until 3rd grade when I moved away. We kept in touch sporadically over the years but had pretty much lost touch with each other during high school. Then here a couple of months ago I found her on MySpace and we’ve been emailing pretty regularly since then. We’re still the same old nerds we used to be just older now. :P So I am pretty excited for this weekend. I think we will have a lot of fun.

Hope everyone else has a great weekend too!!! TTFN


At 12:03 PM , Blogger Girl, Dislocated said...

Happy 3rd anniversary!!!

I'm so jealous of your awesome dinner and dessert! I want recipes!!!


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