Monday, June 02, 2008

Wow I ought to post more recipes. I get a lot more comments :P I hope anyone that tried them enjoyed them.

Well we actually made it out of town this past weekend for our anniversary. My Dad and Step Mom came and picked the kids up on Friday afternoon. After they got gone we packed up ourselves and headed to Lincoln. We got there about 8:00pm and got a room at a Best Western. Then we spent the rest of the night finding the location of the Bed and Breakfast we would stay at Saturday night, eating at IHOP and drinking a bottle of wine back at our room.

The next morning we got up showered and all that good stuff and went to Petsmart and Toys R Us. Two places we always have to go when we are there. Of course it's me that wants to go to the Petsmart and the Hubby that wants to go to Toys R Us. After that we had a nice lunch at Red Lobster then met up with my family at my Grandfathers house and headed over to Pershing Auditorium for my cousins graduation. It went very well. She graduated from Lincoln East High with a class of 355 and it got over in a little over an hour. All graduations need to go that quickly. Two of the class speakers did a pretty good job, but the third one was completely stupid. I think it was the most self centered speech I've heard period. Evidently she was the daughter of two popular high school sweethearts and spent her time talking about how popular her parents were when they were and what she had to do to become popular all on her own. It was pathetic.

After the graduation we went to my Aunts house for the reception then meet up at the Olive Garden later on with my old friend from elementary school and her boyfriend. We had a lot of fun. I hadn't seen her in about 9 years and we had never been to an Olive Garden. Definitely something I would like to do again soon. It was nice having a couple to go out with. We've been out with couples before, but we don't always necessarily click with them. Katie and I still click like we did in school and her boyfriend and my Hubby are both computer nerds and quite a bit alike so it worked out great.

After supper we went to the bed and breakfast we had reservations at. It was amazing. It was built in 1904 and the downstairs still had all of the original woodworking etc. and there were three suites. The Honeymoon Suite, the Anniversary Suite and the Master Suite. We stayed in the Master Suite. It came complete with a king sized bed, fire place, flat screen tv and dvd/vhs player and a two person whirlpool tub. It was wonderful. Very relaxing and peaceful. Definately somewhere I would go again. The next morning they served us breakfast of pineapple, raspberries dipped in sugar, 5 oat muffing, 5 cheese quiche, pork tenderloin sausages, sauteed apples, coffee, orange juice and sparkling grape juice. I will find a link to the website and post it sometime. It's called the Anniversary Mansion located in Lincoln, NE.

Then of course yesterday it was time to pick the kids back up and come home. I was ready to see my baby. That's the longest we've ever been away from her together. And she had managed to catch a cold over the weekend and was very ready to come home. She's feeling a lot better and has gotten caught up on her rest today.

But all in all we had a great weekend and this was pretty much like a belated honeymoon for us. I'm all set to do it again.

Hope all of you had a good weekend as well!!!


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Glad you had a good time. I know you were concerned about the brats.

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