Thursday, October 05, 2006

Piddled Out

Hello everyone!! I’ve kind of piddled out on stories at the moment. So you get a mundane update of my life. :P So….not much is going on. LOL Tomorrow night I get to go to an art show with Coyote Mike. It should be interesting. It will officially be my first art show. Other than that my weekend is pretty unexciting. The Husband and Little Guy are headed to go see his family for Sidney, NE Oktoberfest. I had planned on actually going but I kind of forgot about it, plus had already made plans for Friday night and not sure my back can handle that long of a car ride. But he will have a good time. This is one time of year he gets to see all of his old friends from high school.

I have Monday off. Yay me!! It’s Columbus Day and since I work for the county I get it off. It’s completely psychotic though. I get Labor Day, Columbus Day, Arbor Day just about every holiday imaginable off except for Easter. Isn’t that silly? They say we don’t get it off because it’s a religious thing. Well then tell me what the hell Christmas is? :P Oh well. At least we get everything else off.

My back is doing so much better finally. My chiropractor is only making me come in once next week. So that’s a happy thing. Not to mention the old bank account will appreciate that one. Now after I know my back is good and healing I’m going to get that gym membership I’ve talked about for like a year now. Just have to find the right gym and the time to get it done. Maybe that will help me manage my stress levels better.

Speaking of stress anybody want two incredibly loving dogs? We have been thinking about finding a new home for our big dogs Chloe and Zoë. They’re nine months old now and I love them dearly but I am ready for them to be out of the puppy phase and for the Husband to actually do some work and training with them. I have trained them some but they have now reached that point that Lady and Charlie have with me. They just laugh at me when I give them a command or try to make them do something. They will however sit, lay down, roll over and Chloe can shake as long as I have treats. No treats, no listening. I love animals but they have never seen me as an alpha figure, ever. I am a cohort in crime. :P This of course means that they love me more than anyone else in the world and have plenty of loves and snuggles for me. But I would love to find that happy medium where they love and listen to me. They are very intelligent and I think will turn out to be wonderful dogs if we work with them more. The Husband doesn’t do much with them and he’s the one that brought them home. Men are frustrating. So are dogs. Maybe I can convert my garage into a nice little apartment where they can all live. LOL

Anywho, I’m getting looks from work so I’d better get back to it. Hope everyone has a good day! Especially Rocky Mountain Princess. She’s had a rough week. I volunteer you to work my job for like a month while I take vacation. LOL

Well Ta Ta For Now!!


At 5:08 PM , Blogger Rocky Mountain Princess said...

Suvvy, thank you...

How much does it pay? Haha.

I hope you have fun at the art show!

Did you get my email?

At 6:19 PM , Blogger Faris said...

Hey, I went to an art show yesterday. It was for Turner Prize, and they had four really wierd, but very interesting stuff there. I liked the last one, where this guy called Phil Collins had build a studio. People were interviewed there. His theme was how reality TV shows have ruined the lives of the participants. Interesting idea. Maybe I can write a story on it.

I hope you enjoy your show also. Write about it.

At 7:29 PM , Blogger Coyote Mike said...

Art Show? This is the first I've heard of this. I think you are just using this as an excuse to watch me change clothes.


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