Monday, August 14, 2006

Blah, Blah, Blah

Hullo out there! Well my weekend wasn’t overly exciting. Friday Coyote Mike and I decided to hang out after I got off of work. Before I went to go see him I had to go pick up my step son from his preschool. I decided to be nice and take him to the park while I waited for the Husband to get off work and take him before I went to see Coyote. We had a pretty good time at the park. We watched the swan and the ducks, walked through the little garden and climbed all the way to the top of this look out tower that’s there. Found out him and I neither one are very fond of heights or stairs. But it was pretty neat when we got to the top. After we slowly climbed our way down he went and played on the jungle gym until it was time to go meet the Husband. Of course the Little Guy had to ruin it by getting whiny and pitching a fit when it was time to go. He had promised me before we went that he wouldn’t do that. I should have known better than to think it would actually happen peacefully. But at least that made him mad enough at me where he didn’t mind going with the Husband. Usually if I’m going out he begs and whines to go with me. But this time he didn’t. After I got Little Guy dropped of with the Husband I went to Coyote’s. From there we went and had a quick bite to eat downtown, then walked on to our bar of choice lately. Nice little place called The Roman. They have great food and good drinks. We spent most of the night drinking and talking. I drank more than he did, but that was of his own choosing. We always have some interesting conversations; we got into some deep topics such as The Blue Collar Comedy Tour, Monty Python and Vampires. Granted not all in the same conversation; but I’m still not quite sure how we jumped to those topics anyway. I think we kept the bartender entertained. Saturday was spent chasing dogs that had dug out from under our fence and doing absolutely nothing. I hate days that go so quickly. Did get to have some rather good wine and watch The Legend of Zorro on TV though. Good movie. Yesterday was spent watching the Husband chase dogs for about 3 miles until they had laughed at him enough to come home. I cleaned the living room and then we decided to drive to Hastings, NE where we had Chinese Food and went to Wal-Mart. Do we know how to break loose or what :P But at least it was something to do. Saturday what I really wanted to do was start tearing out our kitchen cupboards and start dry walling (I don’t have a very big kitchen), but I couldn’t get the Husband talked into it. It would be so amazing the things I could do to my house (I bought it before we got married, all on my very own) the way I want things done if he weren’t around most days. Oh well maybe that will be my project the next time he goes to Sidney, NE to visit his oldest son. Someday my house will be in order just the way I want it. Till then I’ll be grouchy about it. LOL I’m thinking today will be an okay day for a Monday. I woke up early and in a good mood so hopefully it will stay that way. But off to look like I’m doing something. Ta Ta For Now!!


At 4:40 PM , Blogger Coyote Mike said...

Actually, I think I caught up to you on drinks . . . I had two for your first one.


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